ral, pantone and other spray paints for wood

Spray paints for wood are the new must have product! Ral spray paint and pantone spray paint are 2 of the most popular brands and paint types. They will paint anything with long lasting colours and finishes.

Interestingly I was in B& Q the other day and the staff member I was talking to fully expected tinned paint to become completely obsolete in the coming years. People are buying aerosols instead. They have seen the trade and industry using them for quicker cleaner jobs and decided that they want that as well. Most new products will start in the trade and slowly move across to the public as the price comes down and the technology improves. This appears to be no exception.

I especially recommend it if you are painting wooden furniture. You can get such a good finish it looks like it came from the factory that way and hasn’t just been attacked by someone with a brush.

We use it all the time here at African radio. We did our whole office out with the stuff, all our furniture is now brand matched to our logo. A fantastic blue. Just gives the whole place a more professional look. It looks like we have spent thousands on custom made furniture when in fact it is very old crap that we have spruced up to look amazing.